If you find a bird that has died and would like it taxidermied, it is important to wrap it well in plastic (not paper alone), and freeze it as soon as possible. Once it is safely in the freezer, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I can also source specimens for you if there is something in particular you would like.  

A bird can only be preserved if it is fresh and you find it shortly after it has died. If there are any signs of decomposition, there is sadly nothing I can do. Some damage, however, is fine and can be repairable. For example, if the bird was a window strike or the victim of a road accident. If you are unsure we can arrange for the bird to be sent to me, so I can take a look at the quality of the specimen. 

I can do pet birds for you, though it is again very important to freeze them soon after death. It is also worth noting that if the bird is very old, in moult or poor feather condition, it may not make a good mount. Having a pet preserved can be quite emotional if they are a well-loved part of the family, and it may be more affecting than you expect. Please take your time in making the decision so we can be sure its the right thing for you. I’d be happy to talk in further detail about your pet bird, to help you make an informed decision, and if it is the right option. Please get in touch via the contact page with any enquiries.